Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Connections: Oral History By Valerie J. Janesick

after re-reading the text i thought about what it would mean to each of us to have our story told in a way as to reflect our own personal thoughts and beliefs as explained and understood by another hopfully opposing person.  or maybe i meant our controversal thoughts and beliefs, if this was so maybe we would make some important connects in resolving some of our world issues.
when reading this i noted that the author said that she uses poerty to reflect a persons views in some of her Stories, this touched me emincly as i enjoy writing poerty as a way to express my views and yes, sometimes my opinions.
I know that throught out history there were are oral histories that needed to be told, shakespearean time and in many African cultures families (esspecially weathy families) had their own story tellers (called Griots). so i see the importances of this.
how ever as we processed into the future we increased our options of genres, however i personally am not in favor of most things visional (other then readings)  i just think (visional) video things limits our imagnation. 
many years ago i started to listen to audio books: i now own over three hundred titles, and have borrowed another hundred or more from libraries all over the U.S, i learned that this allows you to hear and invision a life or experience that you wouldn't otherwise imagine.
one of the first historial tapes i listened to was an oral history called " THE SUBSTANCE OF THINGS HOPED FOR."  about Samuel D. Proctor:  An African -American  Preacher, college Professor, college administrator, and Associate Director of the Peace Corp. if my life could be told via my choice of techinques it would be audio, i would like for someone to lay back with their eyes closed, and imagine what it was like for me. what my house, kids, etc looked like rather then seeing picture.

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