Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sites for the week.

I visited both site a couple of times this week. first of all sorry for late entry, had computer trouble last night and had to wait until i got to work this morning to post.
 however i spent the most time on the "people like us"site . read all the stories, i can really relate to Karen in a small way. After losing my home and business and having to file bankruptcy it been tough but it's only stuff and i never regretted. I truly enjoyed and would do most of it over again. I was able to give my children a great home and a pretty good life growing up and thank god that it  always been more about us  then the money and the things. But i can see  how the rise and fall from (Money) GRACE thing is not easy.
But one thing that radianted across all the stories was how the relationships was affected due to the money issues. ginny's daughter, Charles' family not visiting, Val's parents, robert's and her new beau's family behaviors. I also really liked the games (i like all games) played then each a couple of times, the chintz and shag game alway came out in about the same area. but i could not get the "idenifyn this" one at the name that class every answer was either middle class or blue collar only one will be new money .
i also looked up the website which took me to the for which i was a survey subject for two years. i really need to have more time on this site.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Providence Slut walk

Went to Providence's slutwalk Yesterday, it was an event for a worthy cause so i was most disappointed that there was such a small turn out. however it was not well advertised either, as i had learned about it only through class and heard others there say that they just happened by. i was sadden to see that only one person came out from any of the D.V organizations.and i hope that it was due to lack of knowledge of the event rather then they wanted to disassocate them selves with the name.

it's sad that people lost a great opportunity to stand up and support such a wonderful and worthy cause. but more on the event. not only was it poorly attended but it was poorly organized and not well supported. it was great that they allow anyone to speak but the did not have a proper speaker, even the organizers who spoke was unseasoned and ill-prepared and worse of all they too spoke against the name of the event in detail, on the plus side there were some great poems and readings. : )

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Privilege, Power and difference By: Allen G.Johnson

i would like to give Mr.Johnson all the credit that is due him, as he has not only made this as in personable as possible, in order to tackle this issue from his point of view without putting in his per conceived biases however stating the biases as they exist. for if he had not stated the biases he would have been just another do-good-er making excuses as he feed off of the privileges he admits to having. Another word that Mr. Johnson did not use that is very hard to swallow is Supremacy as in (White Supremacy)  E.G  "to be supreme or of power and/or Authority. by denying this word and replacing it with Privilege it has taken away a like of hurt and ugliness but more importantly it has taken away creditability. that is not to say that Mr. Johnson has not put forth and Honorable effort but that he has fail short in his efforts.  
I had been a participate in and group called (DRW) Dismantling Racism works (  in particularly i was a member of the Change Team that worked  on dismantling racism in the work place. in 2007 i wrote and submitted two articles. one is submitted below the other i have both a copy of the article and a response from a member of another change organized group from the state Gov'ts office.   

Institutional Racism

Racism is a society norm built and based on the institutional structure of our united states.
And we all (being citizens) feels that we are well within our rights to live (blindly as we are) within the reams of that structure, with out being called out about it or with out it being called to conscience.
However it is not only taboo to speak on it, but also to claim, deny, or admit it.
The basic set-up of our society, it’s hierarchy as well as it’s structure and it’s foundation has been built and solidified on what we allow and not allow certain races, religions, cultures and or sexual preference persons to be, do, say, what he or she may be included in or excluded from.
It is not for any small reason or any short rhyme why we;
 The united states have yet to have had any one other then an all white male leader in the full seven hundred plus years history of this country.
Why in a place that less then a quarter percent of it people are of the minority persuasion (white) it still refers to the other seventy five percent as the minorities.

Suppressed, oppressed and depressed….
The simple fact that we have written laws to remind us as a (country) how to handle ourselves with these situations, is a testimony to the fundamental institution of racism, that has been accepted with out question by the masses.
Evolving into a podium of levels that includes even the minorities them selves.
Enticing us to take false pride in the simplest of things that we ourselves have no control over. Like our color, our shades, our hair texture, who or what we pray to or for, who or what someone chose to sleep with, what country someone, mother and or father originated from and a full gamut of other genetic or heredity make-ups.

It is a wonder how long the citizens of this country can hold out accepting his and her fore fathers ill gotten inherits, how it has been just okay to forget and forgive his and her unacceptable behaviors as “that’s just the way things were then”.

Monday, September 12, 2011

just a few words..

 My aurugment on the text opression is... that i readed and re-read the text opression; and found it was a difficult read for me. not that i could not read it but after taking note on it and re-reading it i was all over the place with what i wanted to reflect on.
the author was all over the place with her descriptions of  " the opressor is opressed by the action of opressing someone else????
opression is a volunteer (controlable) action not a involuntor action. it is in fact all about control.
how ever i do get what she is saying about the opressor being opressed. but only in the context of he/she not having the power in the first place, thus he/she must control someone or something else in order to believe that he/she has the power or control. "oh what a tangle web we weave..."

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

reflections on text the F-Word

the F- Word Feminism in jeopardy By: Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner

  Reflecting on page 29  in Examine incidents of intolerance, prejudice, and Denial .
it is my experience as a double minority to view with skepticism all things that are not within my direct control, as far as protocols. if it should be i would like to believe that it will be, but add in biases and prejudices and i standardly believe that it without a doubt will not be.
this is so with the Feminism movement and just as so with the color barrier and the feminism movement.
Some standard, so called innocent, institutionalized thinking over the century, has hindered the feminism movement and it will continue to proceed at a snails pace forward and a rabbits pace backwards if we continue to wear blinders and sell out to divisions in order to achieve what we so rightfully should be awarded.
we can not seek fairness and equality as a feminist if we can not seek fairness and equality over the gamete of discriminatory issues that are fought parallel to feminism.

notwithstanding it is my belief that we must define clearly what we in fact are calling equalities and what we are seeking in our movements. if we in fact would like to be treated equally would we also want to take out the trash, and get up in the mid of the night to search out the sound of breaking glass, or make the mid night milk run. would we want to kill the spiders, and go up on the roof.
we can not say that these are things that we are exempted  from because we feed the babies or give birth etc. we can not hold against them what they are not capable of doing ( that which is out of all of our control). you see feminism is hindered by institutional thinking, instilled in us as our normal upbringing and unless we question that we are only fighting for what we want not what we deserve.
think about it ... how many of us have brought into the pink and purple is for little girls, and baby dolls are for little girls, tools are for how do we intent for our boys to learn about soft and beauty or caring and nurturing before they become young men, why shouldn't every woman try to fix the faucet before she call her husband or plumber?
why do we think that men are for the most part stand offish about marriage or get cold feet, if we let the female believe all of there lives that this day is just for them. if the day is not also about the man then why should he participate? for century we told women to marry well, rather then to get educated and support your self ... yes i know how and why that started but remember we are suppose to be years beyond that, women have been lawyers and Doctors for many many years now. why depend on a husband?
lastly we shun a man with out a job but it is harder for some men to get hire for many reasons, yet if they stay home and keep a clean , well organized home, take care of the food, the kids and the laundry we whisper that he is living off the back of a woman but a house wive is fine. Men should never hit a woman but a woman scorned (rejected) should slap a man's face?  equality ... we are our own worst enemies.

Who am i ? What am i? that in which you can not understand.

Hello all,
it seems that in my haste i've fail to properly introduce myself.
it's an easier mistake then most would think, as i am as most women so complicated that i just don't know where to start.
well first it would be wise to start with what i know for sure, and that is that my name is Sheila Annette Robinson-Young. i am the mother of 4 grown sons, 2 grown step-sons and 1 grown step-daughter,and a new daughter-in-law of whom i all adore, but my heart belongs to my 5 grandchildren (oh and my husband of 23 years falls somewhere amist the masses).
i am a full-time student hoping to graduate May 2013, i work two full time jobs one as a Residential Program Manager at a group-home for which i have worked for 23 years as of last month, and at a D.V safe house for which i have been for 9 years.
I love to both read and write so school is my hobbie but not an easy one.
I am a backsliding hounder and love auctions, yard-sales and any other bargian for while i can resist none,
however i am a giver so nothing goes to waste.
I've signed up for this class for 3 reasons 1. the challange...2 one of my core class... and 3 being a 6 sided woman, if half of me is so sure that i know who and what i am the other half is lost and seeking, searching, exploring and just might find myself or some of myself here in this class, this subject... this movement.
p.s the title of this post is also the title of one of my poems.

Friday, September 2, 2011

up and running with

thinking about what women think about.

Sometimes it's a wonder to me what i be thinking about. and wonder if other women think about what i be thinking about.
just something to think about.
started reading my two articles so need to get back to that.