Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Occupy Providence Part 3

This week-end i visit Occupy Providence for just a short time,  as there has been a lot of out-side issue that appeals to be redirecting the focus of the movement. I spoke to a couple of people as there was some on-going conversations on what was happening in other cities and what to expect in the near future for Providence.
One very important thing that did happen earlier this past week, that plays right into how any of this reflects on the feminism movement in 2011, is that there was a vandal, who ran through the camp ruining tents,
signs, and the kitchen area. he was caught by security that was set up by the movement and turned over to the police. (I was not there for any of that) but there was talk this week within the camp itself about safety. on saturday night a group that was 90% women talked about there feeling of safety. it was decided that it was important to stick together both literally and figurtivly.
i feel that it was an important decision for women to continue to take part in this movement, as we need to be visible in any movement that promotes any kind of equality we can't expect to come in as a foot note and still expect the same credits.
In the text Privilege and Power by Allen Johnson, Mr. Johnson suggests that we must put put aside our baises in order to deal with the issues that needs to be  addressed. In the occupy movements all baises has to be second to none in order to deal with the bigger issue of being one of the 99% . which in turn suggest that we are all in this together and we are all allies in this as well. this is a movement that umbrellas all inequalities as an extension of it's base.  
but what i see over all is that as prilivege goes, we are all still ruled by the "Swammp" who decides who, what , when and how... We, society, can do or say. and they the leaders across the country is telling us that they are done.... enough is enough. Bloomburg said " They have had two months to occupy wall street and i ALLOWED IT'.
now there are government movements to end the occupy movement.
it is time that we take a real look at how we vote and for whom we vote. then know why we vote for who we vote for.
it goes with out saying that our representatives does not represent us well. if they can not hear us (long before now) saying that we need to make a living to stay alive then we will never be more then the 1% that we are.

Sexy from the start.

Scanlon painted a good picture of the change in the movement, but i don't quite know where she her self stands.
But it is clear to me that i am at least confused between "Girl Cuture" and Thrird wave "Feminism".  Or at least what others thinks of it. For sometime many have looked at Feminies as "Women who wants to be men" and i believed or at least hope that they were as i saw myself as "Women who wanted the opportunuies that any other person would have been afforded  as a citizen and a human without reference to who or what else i am" I.E  a Woman, a Black Woman, a Mother, etc.

As much as i feel that Rebecca Walker's views quoted " a feminism  must never compromise herself, must never make concession for money, or for love. must always be devoted to the uplifting of her gender, must only make an admirable and selfless livelihood, preferably working for a women's organization."
As reflection of her childhood are very harst ideologies to live by, i will bite if offered as views that are the lesser of two evils. 
But i can't buy into developing a whole new society/ community as the answer to an unjust society that will reverse the victim.
 I ask does second wave  Feminist's want equality, inclusion or dupication?
and only when we get this answer will we know where we are as third wave Feminist. 
Why can't we Women Be "ALL THAT WE CAN BE" ?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

who am i, what am i ?

Who am I? What am I?

                                 Who am I? What am I?
                         That in which you cannot understand.
                                 For I am a spirit, a hymn,
                                A psalm, a dream, a hope
                                 An intention, a dimension.
                          I am time, space, air, I am a place.
          I am the white dove of peace, the green eyes of jealousy,
              The purple heart of bravery, the Red Cross of help.
                           I am salvation, desperation, anxiety.
            I am the heat from the fire, the smoke from the flame.
                             I am the reason, I am the blame.
                           Who am I? What am I? I do not know,
                   From day to day what I am will continue to grow.
             I am yesterday, today, and tomorrow, I am up and I am down
              I am the tears of sorrow, I am the smiles of happiness, I am
                             The fear of fright, and the laughter of joy.
                       Who am I? What am I? I do not know for today
                          I am rain and tomorrow I’ll be snow.
                      I am versatile, adjustable, I am flexible.
                  I change with the weather, the day and the time
                    I am for most, the wind in a spiritual way
                       I am for myself unique and divine…

                                                                  Sheila Robinson-young



                        It is not our talk that makes us strong

                                    Nor our walk that took so long.
                                   It is not the fight that took our lives
                                     Not the rights that we compromises
                                    Nor the light that left our eyes.

                                   It is not the winning or the losing
                                   That matters so much.
                                   It is nothing…no-thing of the sort.

                                    It is the call to order, the answer,
                                     The stand.
                                    It is the action, the reaction that
                                   We demand.

                                   It is we, united, going over and above
                                   Us conquering and achieving, that makes
                                   Us strong.
                                    It is the pride, the praise, and the victory
                                                   The song!

Had it in me all the time.

After reading over my site i realized that i just need a name to pull this all together for me. The many texts we have read and the many discussions we've had in class, excited me more and more each week. It opened up my eyes, it  is what i have been living for so long.  trying to see myself as  who i am, all of me as a whole, all at one time. I've often felt broken up into little pieces so as to be explained. Much of this comes from with in myself and still more from society. Being from a large family no matter how nice it was left my identity shaky at the least, then being a young mother ( well most of us knows what we will give up for a child) it's not always tangible or clearly outlined, and never regretted.  On my site back in Power and Privilege... i incented a part of a essay ( INSTITUTIONAL RACISM) i wrote back in 1998, i wrote this just because it was on my mind at the time. again i share a poem that i  had written in 2009 (SISTERHOOD), i would like to share In my next two blogs that deals with  the subjects we address in class. the first is (UNITED) This one was written in the early 90's and the last is a more complexed poem about being who and what you individually needs to be for yourself, this one i wrote in 1991 for a group of a athletes at the wholwe scholar games at URI. 
I'm sharing all of this because i believe i've had it in me all along, and this class give me a voice, to speak out what i been writing for so long. it also gave me the "Substance of things hoped for" that in the future by and by equality would make us all whole.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

hyperlinks: Abstince-only (M.J Wagle)

 It was appauling to read in this text that educational programs of all things knowingly teaching youth  false facts and information. Can you imagine when  they find out that the infor they were given was mis-leading PURPOSELY !!!  So when they stop believing in the information that was given to them on Abstinence who will teach them about safe sex? ( MAYBE THEIR 14 OR 15 YEAR OLD FRIEND WHO HAS BEEN ACTIVE FOR A WHILE, AND JUST BLESSED ENOUGH NOT TO HAVE CONTRACTED ANYTHING OR GOTTEN PREGNANT). Then she tells her friends "You can't get pregnant if you are on top" or some other crazy rumors she's heard. It is just as bad to mis-inform a young man or woman as it is to not inform at all. The sad results could be real babies having babies. Because teens are not babies as much as we would like for them to be. They are young adults with hopes, dreams, and life goals. They are in the process of planning their lives and this (proper) information could be used in this planning process. - Similar

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

can you **** believe this

Watch Adult Swim Video: American Dad
Jun 21,

Occupy Providence.

My experience with Occupy Providence this week-end was crazy, sad, exiting, fun, educational.
Friday night:
I was talking to my brother about the snow coming saturday, and he brought up "the people in that park downtown" how they will all be going home tomorrow because of the snow, and i said i didn't think so. So that give me the idea to take a drive by to see how thing was progressing. about 8:15 pm i got there and they were at the statue, they were passing along information (by echoing each other). I just listened for a while, learned that they had a petition at one of the booths that turned out to be a sort of information booth. I read then signed it, walked around for an hour or more (until i couldn't feel my feet). as i was walking though many people passed me and told me food was being served. I was surpised that they were so organized, they have set hours for meals,meetings and other things. The information booth could tell you were to find what is going on within the camp as well as what is planned (something at india piont park saturday). I left with a good feeling, i liked what was going on, but i had not interacted just been a spectator.
I went home and packed my car with items to give,i wanted to be invovled.

Saturday morning i arrived about 9:30 am, car load, as i was unpacking my car i had my trunk open getting things out a meter reader came by walked past me still in my trunk and stopped at the front of my car and give me a $25 ticket. Normally as i visit the library weekly they see you , they say something if you are there and parked wrongly,she said not a word and did not even look at the meter which had time on it but she saw me pull up and not put anything in the meter. I put down the things, walked to the front of my car and held my hand out for the ticket, i did not say a thing, she gave me the ticket all the while refusing to look at me.I looked at the meter and it still had 8 minutes on it but i could not complain she saw me drive up and not put any thing in the meter. she moved on and started tell a group of people that they could not stand on the street, that they should not have their children out here. (they seem to have been holding a parking spot for someone by standing in the spot).
Any way i went up to a man cooking and asked what could i do to help,he told me he had just came to give support, he was a chef at a hotel and he was cooking ormelets to order. He called another man and introduced him (Mike)in charge of and volunteers, who asked me if i cooked (My speciality) but i was not about to try to cook beside a chef, i cut veggies for him, after meeting (Dave) who was in charge of organizing the donations. I turned over my load. Asked what did they need the most and if anything else i could do? sugar,tuna, plates. he also said that some people were coming by daily and picking up supplies and cooking at home and bringing it back. i volunteered for Sunday's dinner i would supply the food.

Saturday night.
I arrived as promised with supplies ( sugar, tuna, fruits, plates ect.)and my husband in tow, he is always amazed at what America allows.(he didn't want me to go because he heard that the police was evicting them and i might get arrested). When we got there it was about 7pm we walked around, my husband is bold and more outgoing asked a lot a questions and at one piont took off with some guy name Kenneth to meet and talk and listen to the drums they were playing. There were a rap session going on and he was in ah'. We read and ken explained all the signs posted around the park. We both could not believe how many people was staying out there that night in all that cold rain and snow.

Sunday night:
I raced home to cook and arrived with food right at 8:06 pm, dinner time, With my husband. We stayed only a short while, but while we were there they were having announcments(again by echo-gramming) they were informing people of the up coming deadline to move out of the park. And the civil protest laws and if anyone for any reason could no longer be invovled they should do what is necessary for their well being (so to speak). Again the police is out giving tickets (did not get one this time) and just standing around waiting for anything to happen. So far i see only a peaceful gathering, how ever i noticed that alot of the regular homless has joined them. a man Bobby was standing by me they were asking people why they came, what they thought of the movement etc. he did not go up their but he was telling my husband and my self that he and his wife came from Conn. they were homless their and just thought they would come here. but his wife had gotten sick as she has MS. (I suggested that tho' the movemnet was great maybe it was not for her that maybe she should try to get into a shelter just for the night. also told him about a clothing bank as he mentioned he had pretty much whats on his back.) one thing i didn't notice was if they had resource infor for this purpose?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Andrea Ayvazian's Interrupting the cycle of oppression:

This text is a living document, it is a great out-line for who,when and how to be a positive part of a movement.
I have been blessed and i learn more and more everyday just how be a ally. I spoke last time in class about one of my sons "Claytonius". Claytonius was a child that kept me in Ah' and grew to be a young man literally ahead of him self. I was less protective of him because i didn't know how to protect a presence so large. Where he got his ideas from? I have no idea where Claytoius got some of ideas and thoughts from. He was so young. At 13 years old he was a youth Board Member for D.A.R.E (Direct Actions For Rights and Equality) And at 15 assisted in finding PrYSM at Claytonius enjoy making a difference, making changes,and helping everybody. He believe in progress, and equality over all things. Claytonius is the epitome of an ally, he see the need for support and he gives it. More over he was the one that taught me about being an ally, with one little phase. When i asked him one day about protesting for illegal deportation, "why are you going to this rally, you was born right here in Virgina?" He said MoM!, politcal injustice is every bodies' business." from that day forward i have always tried to be aware and assist.