Thursday, April 25, 2013


Take notes this is how you Talk about female Athletes.

Jake Simpson, March 21, 2013: The Altantic
Baylor University's peerless 6'8" center Brittney Griner."I saw her score five different baskets off of five different moves," Knight marveled. "You ever coach against [Lew] Alcindor?" Auriemma asked him. "In the women's game, she's probably what he was in the men's game: There's just no other person like that. You can't go into a game and feel like there's anything you can do to neutralize her. ... [Other teams] can't do anything about this kid."This small exchange between Knight and Auriemma sums up pretty bluntly what makes Griner so astonishing—she's unstoppable. But it also showcases another reason Brittney Griner is a revolutionary figure in sports. The way fans, coaches, and the mainstream media talk about Griner is a subtly radical, relatively new, and pretty damn great way to talk about women in sports: as an athlete.

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