Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Privilege, Power and difference By: Allen G.Johnson

i would like to give Mr.Johnson all the credit that is due him, as he has not only made this as in personable as possible, in order to tackle this issue from his point of view without putting in his per conceived biases however stating the biases as they exist. for if he had not stated the biases he would have been just another do-good-er making excuses as he feed off of the privileges he admits to having. Another word that Mr. Johnson did not use that is very hard to swallow is Supremacy as in (White Supremacy)  E.G  "to be supreme or of power and/or Authority. by denying this word and replacing it with Privilege it has taken away a like of hurt and ugliness but more importantly it has taken away creditability. that is not to say that Mr. Johnson has not put forth and Honorable effort but that he has fail short in his efforts.  
I had been a participate in and group called (DRW) Dismantling Racism works (infor@dismantlingracism.org)  in particularly i was a member of the Change Team that worked  on dismantling racism in the work place. in 2007 i wrote and submitted two articles. one is submitted below the other i have both a copy of the article and a response from a member of another change organized group from the state Gov'ts office.   

Institutional Racism

Racism is a society norm built and based on the institutional structure of our united states.
And we all (being citizens) feels that we are well within our rights to live (blindly as we are) within the reams of that structure, with out being called out about it or with out it being called to conscience.
However it is not only taboo to speak on it, but also to claim, deny, or admit it.
The basic set-up of our society, it’s hierarchy as well as it’s structure and it’s foundation has been built and solidified on what we allow and not allow certain races, religions, cultures and or sexual preference persons to be, do, say, what he or she may be included in or excluded from.
It is not for any small reason or any short rhyme why we;
 The united states have yet to have had any one other then an all white male leader in the full seven hundred plus years history of this country.
Why in a place that less then a quarter percent of it people are of the minority persuasion (white) it still refers to the other seventy five percent as the minorities.

Suppressed, oppressed and depressed….
The simple fact that we have written laws to remind us as a (country) how to handle ourselves with these situations, is a testimony to the fundamental institution of racism, that has been accepted with out question by the masses.
Evolving into a podium of levels that includes even the minorities them selves.
Enticing us to take false pride in the simplest of things that we ourselves have no control over. Like our color, our shades, our hair texture, who or what we pray to or for, who or what someone chose to sleep with, what country someone, mother and or father originated from and a full gamut of other genetic or heredity make-ups.

It is a wonder how long the citizens of this country can hold out accepting his and her fore fathers ill gotten inherits, how it has been just okay to forget and forgive his and her unacceptable behaviors as “that’s just the way things were then”.

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