Monday, September 12, 2011

just a few words..

 My aurugment on the text opression is... that i readed and re-read the text opression; and found it was a difficult read for me. not that i could not read it but after taking note on it and re-reading it i was all over the place with what i wanted to reflect on.
the author was all over the place with her descriptions of  " the opressor is opressed by the action of opressing someone else????
opression is a volunteer (controlable) action not a involuntor action. it is in fact all about control.
how ever i do get what she is saying about the opressor being opressed. but only in the context of he/she not having the power in the first place, thus he/she must control someone or something else in order to believe that he/she has the power or control. "oh what a tangle web we weave..."

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  1. I too found this text a little confusing, but interesting as well. "The root of the word 'oppression' is the element 'press.' The press of the crowd, pressed into military service; to press a pair of pants; printing press; press the button. Presses are used to mold things or flatten them or reduce them in bulk, sometimes to reduce them by squeezing out the gases or liquids in them. Something pressed is something caught between or among forces and barriers which are so related to each other that jointly they restrain, restrict or prevent the thing's motion or mobility." The part about being caught between or among forces... Like being caught between two things that are expected of us.