Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sites for the week.

I visited both site a couple of times this week. first of all sorry for late entry, had computer trouble last night and had to wait until i got to work this morning to post.
 however i spent the most time on the "people like us"site . read all the stories, i can really relate to Karen in a small way. After losing my home and business and having to file bankruptcy it been tough but it's only stuff and i never regretted. I truly enjoyed and would do most of it over again. I was able to give my children a great home and a pretty good life growing up and thank god that it  always been more about us  then the money and the things. But i can see  how the rise and fall from (Money) GRACE thing is not easy.
But one thing that radianted across all the stories was how the relationships was affected due to the money issues. ginny's daughter, Charles' family not visiting, Val's parents, robert's and her new beau's family behaviors. I also really liked the games (i like all games) played then each a couple of times, the chintz and shag game alway came out in about the same area. but i could not get the "idenifyn this" one at the name that class every answer was either middle class or blue collar only one will be new money .
i also looked up the website which took me to the for which i was a survey subject for two years. i really need to have more time on this site.


  1. I know it is amazing how money can break people and families apart. I think people struggle every day c the fact that money is a necessity and money rules the world. But regardless I think it shouldn't be more important than family

  2. i think is funny how many parents tell their sons and daughters that love is above all things. that the day they decide to marry is because of the love and respect you feel for that special person. however if that person does not fit a criteria that was expected by your parents for example if the person you fall in love with did not go to college is very likely that your parents would disagree with your decision. just like in one of the stories of "people like us" where one of the characters had gotten married and teared a family apart. this shows that social class matters even in something like love.