Tuesday, September 6, 2011

reflections on text the F-Word

the F- Word Feminism in jeopardy By: Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner

  Reflecting on page 29  in Examine incidents of intolerance, prejudice, and Denial .
it is my experience as a double minority to view with skepticism all things that are not within my direct control, as far as protocols. if it should be i would like to believe that it will be, but add in biases and prejudices and i standardly believe that it without a doubt will not be.
this is so with the Feminism movement and just as so with the color barrier and the feminism movement.
Some standard, so called innocent, institutionalized thinking over the century, has hindered the feminism movement and it will continue to proceed at a snails pace forward and a rabbits pace backwards if we continue to wear blinders and sell out to divisions in order to achieve what we so rightfully should be awarded.
we can not seek fairness and equality as a feminist if we can not seek fairness and equality over the gamete of discriminatory issues that are fought parallel to feminism.

notwithstanding it is my belief that we must define clearly what we in fact are calling equalities and what we are seeking in our movements. if we in fact would like to be treated equally would we also want to take out the trash, and get up in the mid of the night to search out the sound of breaking glass, or make the mid night milk run. would we want to kill the spiders, and go up on the roof.
we can not say that these are things that we are exempted  from because we feed the babies or give birth etc. we can not hold against them what they are not capable of doing ( that which is out of all of our control). you see feminism is hindered by institutional thinking, instilled in us as our normal upbringing and unless we question that we are only fighting for what we want not what we deserve.
think about it ... how many of us have brought into the pink and purple is for little girls, and baby dolls are for little girls, tools are for boys...so how do we intent for our boys to learn about soft and beauty or caring and nurturing before they become young men, why shouldn't every woman try to fix the faucet before she call her husband or plumber?
why do we think that men are for the most part stand offish about marriage or get cold feet, if we let the female believe all of there lives that this day is just for them. if the day is not also about the man then why should he participate? for century we told women to marry well, rather then to get educated and support your self ... yes i know how and why that started but remember we are suppose to be years beyond that, women have been lawyers and Doctors for many many years now. why depend on a husband?
lastly we shun a man with out a job but it is harder for some men to get hire for many reasons, yet if they stay home and keep a clean , well organized home, take care of the food, the kids and the laundry we whisper that he is living off the back of a woman but a house wive is fine. Men should never hit a woman www.ricadv.org but a woman scorned (rejected) should slap a man's face?  equality ... we are our own worst enemies.


  1. I agree with you. My husband is a stay at home guy that cares for the house, the errands, and my son. I appreciate it more than he knows but our "friends" insist on telling him that he should be the one making the money. I find it frustrating. I look forward to discussing things with you in class.

  2. I totally agree with you. It is ridiculous to me that there are still certain things expected of the women in the household and certain things expected of men in the household, when if the man wants to do the "woman" jobs in the house and if the woman wants to be the main financial contributor to the household. It shouldn't be considered that the man is lazy because he is the stay at home parent. It is ridiculous. If the household has two people it is up to those two people who does what "jobs."