Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Who am i ? What am i? that in which you can not understand.

Hello all,
it seems that in my haste i've fail to properly introduce myself.
it's an easier mistake then most would think, as i am as most women so complicated that i just don't know where to start.
well first it would be wise to start with what i know for sure, and that is that my name is Sheila Annette Robinson-Young. i am the mother of 4 grown sons, 2 grown step-sons and 1 grown step-daughter,and a new daughter-in-law of whom i all adore, but my heart belongs to my 5 grandchildren (oh and my husband of 23 years falls somewhere amist the masses).
i am a full-time student hoping to graduate May 2013, i work two full time jobs one as a Residential Program Manager at a group-home for which i have worked for 23 years as of last month, and at a D.V safe house for which i have been for 9 years.
I love to both read and write so school is my hobbie but not an easy one.
I am a backsliding hounder and love auctions, yard-sales and any other bargian for while i can resist none,
however i am a giver so nothing goes to waste.
I've signed up for this class for 3 reasons 1. the challange...2 one of my core class... and 3 being a 6 sided woman, if half of me is so sure that i know who and what i am the other half is lost and seeking, searching, exploring and just might find myself or some of myself here in this class, this subject... this movement.
p.s the title of this post is also the title of one of my poems.

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