Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cinderella Ate my Daughter. reflections of...

The question was What's wrong with Cinderella? The answer is Nothing! It should be what's wrong with us?
There is nothing wrong with cinderella if we stop projecting everything on to our children or on to each other.
Cinderella is just a story just like "Polar Express" "God,it me Margret," and "Huck Finn". These stories are meant to entertain chidlren, they are not meant to be a study guide for kids with giant imaginations, depressed pre-teens or advantagerous boys during the great depression.
The largest part of the problem is that we just will not think for ourselves. And we tend to live our lives behaving ingenuious to what is implied,when we allow our kids to feed into this bull. We knew from the start that these stories were not just meant to entertain girls or boys. it is implied that girls should, work hard at home(slaving for her family) endure mistreatment with grace and wait to be saved by the most handsomest rich guy you can imagine. And just because you have him and you suffered gracefully, you will live happily ever after. This is true in Cinderella, Snow white, Sleeping beauty and even the new version of rahpunzia. And on the other hand it implies to boys they every girl is weak or lost with out them and their LOVE. That they are doomed to housekeeping, sleep/death, and/or (locked away)trapped. That only their Kiss (acceptance) can save us. HUH!!!


  1. Love your thoughts on the article. I am going to use yours and Taylor's post fro my extended comment post.

  2. Wow, I agree with Heather. You did great with your side to this!