Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just wanted to share a thought.

We talked about Allies in class and it got me to thinking. We should think about what and how we sometimes oppress/suppress ourselves and/or each other.
I use to facilitate a Woman's Group called "Babylon Sisters" and our focus was on our responsiblity to women "both ourselves and others". I wrote this poem as a creed for our group.

The creed of Sisterhood


I am a friend to you, I am a friend to your soul, I offer you Peace, patience, Understanding, Empathy, Support, and Love.
I will not let you be a vermin nor a victim.
I will support your heart, your health, and your happiness
I will stand by you, and with you, but I will never support your habits.
I will never exploit you nor expose you.
I will do with you, for you, and because of you.

I will not harm you in words or in deeds.
I will not lie to you, for you, or with you.
I will always raise you up and never put you down.
We share a role in sisterhood all that is good for you is good for me.
I hurt if you hurt; I am healed when you are healed
Unity is the brace that holds us together.
With camaraderie, and solidarity I will protect your spirit, your legacy and your existence.
For I am:
A small part of you and every other woman that exist,
And you are a small part of me and every other woman that exist. Only together are we whole.

Sheila Robinson-Young
written 2007 © 10-21-09


  1. I love this sister . wouldn't it be great if we all followed this code

  2. beautful.... thanks for sharing this!!