Friday, October 7, 2011

Compulsory Heterosexuality

First let me begin by saying that this was maybe one of the hardest texts i've ever read, so i'm glad i had not blogged about it before class. As i would had been very general and sparadic, as it is all the information is still bounce around in my head. However if it was just to get society thinking, it would have to have achieved it's purpose 100%. I won't say much because i am not well versed on the subject, So here is what i got out of it and here is where i stand. My argument on lesbian continum is (and i tread lightly, that it is only my uneducated opinion)that the author has come up with a very good theory of emotional relationships based on the needs of females over the course of their lifetimes, but it is all too convenient for me. With just the minimum understanding that i have thus far I think it minimize lesbian relationships verses Male homosexual relationships. I would like to believe that homosexual choices are made much the same way that heterosexual choices are made: there are true committed relationships where the couple falls in love with each other, Heart and soul(not just sexually) but emotionally and maybe even spiritually as well. and there are the hook-ups where the couples just go for maybe the one night stand, or the occasional romp (so to speak) and some times it's the "i'm here for no better reason but to be here, in a relationship with some one, oppose to being alone. However in any case i would think that they have given serious thoughts into being and identifing them selves as lesbians, as there is such a society backlash to exposing yourself, that it would be a shame to put your self in harms way unless you were committed to your position.
On the other hand i feel that the Lesbian continum allows society to buy into the "lesbiaism is male envy or lesbiaism is cute syndrome". this is such a compulsory heterosexual stans; as by identifing lesbiaism as either cute or male envy it demeans the women's choices, it says that the women are either acting out and men are aroused and amused by it or the women hate them selves and just wants to be like men, so they attracts to other women just to experience what a man have. i personal don't think either of these things has any thing to do with a sexual orientations period.

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  1. Even though you are confused here, you do a great job working to engage this difficult text!