Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Quotes from M. Kimmel: What are little boys made of?

Reading this was like looking at one of those pictures that if you look long enough you see other things that stands out ,though you did not see it when you first looked. So this is a text written by a man about the dominate gender "males". after reading the text i just set and steared at it and here are a few quotes that jumps out of the page at you. Quotes like "There's a virtual war against boys", "America has been so focused on girls that we've forgotten about the boys" and "Feminists has wrecked boyhood" these qoutes are in reference to women fighting for equality, which is to say that the favoring of boys that has been going on over the years that leads to the need to fight for equality in the first place has done no harm to girls.
Other qoutes like "our educational systems forces naturally rambunctious boys to conform to a regime of obedience. With testosterone surging through their little limbs, boys are commanded to sit still, raise their hands and take naps". (just as little girls are.)"testosrone equals vitality,(it is as important in boys as estorgen is to girls). All we have to do is honor it and steer it into healthy directions". And the most far fetched quote was from Biddulph who explained boys refusal to listen to adult authority, by reference to the fact that "their ear canals develop in irregular spurts,"leading to a period of hearing loss". If this was true in any way it would not then be irregular as it would be a developmental stage for the human male speices. And Kindlon and Thompson writes in Raising Cain "the way to put boys on the path to a manhood of integrity, "we must contend with the culture of cruelty, that forces a boy to deny emotional neediness...". Emotional neediness is what we see when we insist that little girls not try to self pacifiy, when they want or need anything they can not have and we toddle them,pick them up and hug,rub and sooth them .
With all of this said there was a few quotes that stood out that was an asset to the subject. they were "the cause of all this posturing and posing is not testosterone of course, but privilege. " The real boy crisis usually goes by another name. We call it "teen violence, youth violence, gang violence, and violence in schools." Because lets face it boys are responsible for 85% of all violent crimes in American. And thanks to Paul Kivel who said "Raising boys to manhood means confronting racism, sexism, and homophobia both in our communities and in ourselves".
In all of this if we don't resolve ourselves to equality in the sexes (and in gender roles)doing the growing, learning and developing years we are short changing both our girls and our boys, understand that they will need each other as they proceed in this life.


  1. hey girl I am going to be doing extended comments on your blog! hope thats ok!

  2. I like your post about this topic. I agree with you that until we are able to confront racism, sexism, and homophobia in our society both the boys and the girls are suffering, not just the boys or just the girls.

  3. Awesome post. I agree. I love reading how everyone reads the same thing and blogs in such different ways. Love it.

  4. i agree with all the comments, until we find a way to stop all these issues our children will still be surrounded by all these ideas. but how do we stop something that has been part of society for so long?

  5. You are on the edge of figuring out Kimmel's point here... hope class discussion helped!