Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gloria Yamato... something about the subject make it hard to name.

Racism's first name is Supremacy,
with out supremacy that is White Supremacy rascism can not exist.and we are all so clearly aware that it does exsit. and it is for the united States the foundation of the very instiutions in which the United States has been built on. But it is what it is, and to name it any thing else would be White washing it (no pun intented). I agree that Ms.Yamato has made a fine point in classifing rascism but i think that we are way past the point of needing to know what category someones hate for us, falls in. Rascism is by far one of, if not the worse afflictions on man, it's not only about opression but it is also about the moral depletion of a race based on the self-rightousness of another. It has been up-held for so long that society has become blind to it. They call it laziness, that call it unqualifed, they call it under-educated, they call it low-class, they call it lack of connections , they call it everything they can to keep the un wanted color out of the administrative level of most corprations, businesses, and instuitions.there is two organizations that works on dismantling racism one is www.westernstatescenter.org. the other is http://dismantlingrasicism.org for a short time i was in a change group for dismantling rascim in the workplace. it was not an easy task to undertake and was soon dismantled it self as as it was so rootfully put " an interference to the morale of the company. How easy it was to find a name to shut it down. P.s i partically agreed r disagreed with one thing Ms.Yamato said that "people who have not thought about or refuse to acknowledge the inbalance of power/privilage often wants to talk about the rascim of people of color. people of color accept blame out of habit. i find that it is not accepting blame out of habit more then out of servival.


  1. Good job analyzing! we had a few similar points. I agree with you that the categories were mapped out pretty well.

  2. I didn't do this reading, i was assigned another one. but reading your post about it helped explained it to me. hopefully we can talk about all the readings in class.

  3. I agree with Sydney. You definitely understood the text clearly and was able to analyze it. It was crazy to hear about different kind of racisms, but also it made sense when you heard what they were.