Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Occupy Providence Part 3

This week-end i visit Occupy Providence for just a short time,  as there has been a lot of out-side issue that appeals to be redirecting the focus of the movement. I spoke to a couple of people as there was some on-going conversations on what was happening in other cities and what to expect in the near future for Providence.
One very important thing that did happen earlier this past week, that plays right into how any of this reflects on the feminism movement in 2011, is that there was a vandal, who ran through the camp ruining tents,
signs, and the kitchen area. he was caught by security that was set up by the movement and turned over to the police. (I was not there for any of that) but there was talk this week within the camp itself about safety. on saturday night a group that was 90% women talked about there feeling of safety. it was decided that it was important to stick together both literally and figurtivly.
i feel that it was an important decision for women to continue to take part in this movement, as we need to be visible in any movement that promotes any kind of equality we can't expect to come in as a foot note and still expect the same credits.
In the text Privilege and Power by Allen Johnson, Mr. Johnson suggests that we must put put aside our baises in order to deal with the issues that needs to be  addressed. In the occupy movements all baises has to be second to none in order to deal with the bigger issue of being one of the 99% . which in turn suggest that we are all in this together and we are all allies in this as well. this is a movement that umbrellas all inequalities as an extension of it's base.  
but what i see over all is that as prilivege goes, we are all still ruled by the "Swammp" who decides who, what , when and how... We, society, can do or say. and they the leaders across the country is telling us that they are done.... enough is enough. Bloomburg said " They have had two months to occupy wall street and i ALLOWED IT'.
now there are government movements to end the occupy movement.
it is time that we take a real look at how we vote and for whom we vote. then know why we vote for who we vote for.
it goes with out saying that our representatives does not represent us well. if they can not hear us (long before now) saying that we need to make a living to stay alive then we will never be more then the 1% that we are.

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