Tuesday, November 8, 2011

hyperlinks: Abstince-only (M.J Wagle)

 It was appauling to read in this text that educational programs of all things knowingly teaching youth  false facts and information. Can you imagine when  they find out that the infor they were given was mis-leading PURPOSELY !!!  So when they stop believing in the information that was given to them on Abstinence who will teach them about safe sex? ( MAYBE THEIR 14 OR 15 YEAR OLD FRIEND WHO HAS BEEN ACTIVE FOR A WHILE, AND JUST BLESSED ENOUGH NOT TO HAVE CONTRACTED ANYTHING OR GOTTEN PREGNANT). Then she tells her friends "You can't get pregnant if you are on top" or some other crazy rumors she's heard. It is just as bad to mis-inform a young man or woman as it is to not inform at all. The sad results could be real babies having babies. Because teens are not babies as much as we would like for them to be. They are young adults with hopes, dreams, and life goals. They are in the process of planning their lives and this (proper) information could be used in this planning process.

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www.muslimhope.com/AishaNine.htmCached - Similar

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