Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sexy from the start.

Scanlon painted a good picture of the change in the movement, but i don't quite know where she her self stands.
But it is clear to me that i am at least confused between "Girl Cuture" and Thrird wave "Feminism".  Or at least what others thinks of it. For sometime many have looked at Feminies as "Women who wants to be men" and i believed or at least hope that they were as i saw myself as "Women who wanted the opportunuies that any other person would have been afforded  as a citizen and a human without reference to who or what else i am" I.E  a Woman, a Black Woman, a Mother, etc.

As much as i feel that Rebecca Walker's views quoted " a feminism  must never compromise herself, must never make concession for money, or for love. must always be devoted to the uplifting of her gender, must only make an admirable and selfless livelihood, preferably working for a women's organization."
As reflection of her childhood are very harst ideologies to live by, i will bite if offered as views that are the lesser of two evils. 
But i can't buy into developing a whole new society/ community as the answer to an unjust society that will reverse the victim.
 I ask does second wave  Feminist's want equality, inclusion or dupication?
and only when we get this answer will we know where we are as third wave Feminist. 
Why can't we Women Be "ALL THAT WE CAN BE" ?


  1. i really liked how one of the femenist goes against the commen view of an active femenist and took the option not to dress like a man.

  2. I definitely dont think that in order to be a feminist you have to dress a certain way. The whole point of feminism is sexual equality, and equality in general, which means everyone should be able to dress and do whatever they want as long as they are not harming anybody else. Great post. :)