Wednesday, November 9, 2011

who am i, what am i ?

Who am I? What am I?

                                 Who am I? What am I?
                         That in which you cannot understand.
                                 For I am a spirit, a hymn,
                                A psalm, a dream, a hope
                                 An intention, a dimension.
                          I am time, space, air, I am a place.
          I am the white dove of peace, the green eyes of jealousy,
              The purple heart of bravery, the Red Cross of help.
                           I am salvation, desperation, anxiety.
            I am the heat from the fire, the smoke from the flame.
                             I am the reason, I am the blame.
                           Who am I? What am I? I do not know,
                   From day to day what I am will continue to grow.
             I am yesterday, today, and tomorrow, I am up and I am down
              I am the tears of sorrow, I am the smiles of happiness, I am
                             The fear of fright, and the laughter of joy.
                       Who am I? What am I? I do not know for today
                          I am rain and tomorrow I’ll be snow.
                      I am versatile, adjustable, I am flexible.
                  I change with the weather, the day and the time
                    I am for most, the wind in a spiritual way
                       I am for myself unique and divine…

                                                                  Sheila Robinson-young

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