Wednesday, November 9, 2011



                        It is not our talk that makes us strong

                                    Nor our walk that took so long.
                                   It is not the fight that took our lives
                                     Not the rights that we compromises
                                    Nor the light that left our eyes.

                                   It is not the winning or the losing
                                   That matters so much.
                                   It is nothing…no-thing of the sort.

                                    It is the call to order, the answer,
                                     The stand.
                                    It is the action, the reaction that
                                   We demand.

                                   It is we, united, going over and above
                                   Us conquering and achieving, that makes
                                   Us strong.
                                    It is the pride, the praise, and the victory
                                                   The song!

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  1. really love this one :)

    Thanks for sharing these...