Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Andrea Ayvazian's Interrupting the cycle of oppression:

This text is a living document, it is a great out-line for who,when and how to be a positive part of a movement.
I have been blessed and i learn more and more everyday just how be a ally. I spoke last time in class about one of my sons "Claytonius". Claytonius was a child that kept me in Ah' and grew to be a young man literally ahead of him self. I was less protective of him because i didn't know how to protect a presence so large. Where he got his ideas from? I have no idea where Claytoius got some of ideas and thoughts from. He was so young. At 13 years old he was a youth Board Member for D.A.R.E (Direct Actions For Rights and Equality)daretowin.org And at 15 assisted in finding PrYSM at PrYSM.us. Claytonius enjoy making a difference, making changes,and helping everybody. He believe in progress, and equality over all things. Claytonius is the epitome of an ally, he see the need for support and he gives it. More over he was the one that taught me about being an ally, with one little phase. When i asked him one day about protesting for illegal deportation, "why are you going to this rally, you was born right here in Virgina?" He said MoM!, politcal injustice is every bodies' business." from that day forward i have always tried to be aware and assist.

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