Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Had it in me all the time.

After reading over my site i realized that i just need a name to pull this all together for me. The many texts we have read and the many discussions we've had in class, excited me more and more each week. It opened up my eyes, it  is what i have been living for so long.  trying to see myself as  who i am, all of me as a whole, all at one time. I've often felt broken up into little pieces so as to be explained. Much of this comes from with in myself and still more from society. Being from a large family no matter how nice it was left my identity shaky at the least, then being a young mother ( well most of us knows what we will give up for a child) it's not always tangible or clearly outlined, and never regretted.  On my site back in Power and Privilege... i incented a part of a essay ( INSTITUTIONAL RACISM) i wrote back in 1998, i wrote this just because it was on my mind at the time. again i share a poem that i  had written in 2009 (SISTERHOOD), i would like to share In my next two blogs that deals with  the subjects we address in class. the first is (UNITED) This one was written in the early 90's and the last is a more complexed poem about being who and what you individually needs to be for yourself, this one i wrote in 1991 for a group of a athletes at the wholwe scholar games at URI. 
I'm sharing all of this because i believe i've had it in me all along, and this class give me a voice, to speak out what i been writing for so long. it also gave me the "Substance of things hoped for" that in the future by and by equality would make us all whole.

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  1. exciting to have names for things you have known all along... :)